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Pricing is based on the following:

  • Date of reception

  • Location of reception

  • Services selected  (DJ only, or DJ + Ceremony Production)

  • Length of time


I'll be glad to prepare a price quote for you if you share this information with me.


01 What are your prices?

You have questions. I have answers.


Whether you've ever hired a professional DJ or not, I'm sure there are some questions you have.
Here are some of the most common questions I get to answer.


FAQ questions
Some of my clients book my services a year in advance, hoping that availability won't an issue. However, many of my clients also book 6-8 months before their reception. I recommend booking your DJ soon after you have settled on a venue, and the sooner the better.

02 How far in advance should I make my reservation?

03 Can we come see you perform?

I generally discourage this request because part of the service we offer our clients is complete focus on their event. Inviting potential clients to another couple's event is not something I've ever been comfortable with.


04 Do you take requests?




I will discuss in advance what type of music you feel is appropriate for your reception, and if a guest makes a request that falls outside of your wishes, their request is politely declined.



I do. All of the critical pieces of equipment required to properly conduct a wedding reception are purchased in pairs. In the event any of my sound equipment fails, I have a fully compatible backup ready to go in the trailer.


05 Do you have backup equipment?

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